Inspired Living With Lisa Sahakian


Offering over 30 years of successful strategies and innovative entrepreneurial endeavors, Inspired Living With Lisa Sahakian offers solutions & strategies for clients across the globe. Her clients are diverse and dynamic leaders from the domestic engineer re-entering the workforce to the fast-paced lifestyle of the international expatriate and the developing minds of our future. Lisa specializes in one-on-one business coaching and spiritual counseling for global leaders reflecting all socioeconomic backgrounds. Her keynote speaker series offers a diverse and relevant platform.

As a Spiritual Intelligence Certified Coach (SQ), Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (ALSP), and International Yoga Therapist (IYT), Lisa delivers inclusive mind-body-balance solutions for better, more inspired, living. She carefully combines a lifetime of knowledge in somatic psychology, specializing in bridging the gap between head and heart, right and left brain, the results offer a more integrated and balanced individual. Her programs are proven to produce vibrant lifestyles where one can enjoy life, authentically and to its fullest, while easily maintaining a thriving and fulfilling work-life/academic-life balance.

Consequently, her programs result in greater compassion, focus, effective and globally minded servant-leadership. Lisa is an international entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian, visionary and renaissance woman. Lisa's humanitarian endeavors reflect helping homeless women and children affected by domestic violence, through food redistribution. 

Testimonials of Self Mastery Coaching
"Lisa Sahakian is a wonderful soul whose insight and intuition make her an effective teacher.  She combines humor and positivity with a grounded perspective that yields practical advise.  Don’t be fooled by her effervescent personality, she is a deep well of wisdom.”  
Steve Sphar Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant 
"Lisa you have been an angel in my life, listening to every word, helping me to get clarity by working on the “hard” stuff digging deep inside of me.  The homework you’ve given me at each session has been spot on!  Not always easy…grhhh.  You have supported my mediation and prayer practice and helped me stay focused in the now.  It’s amazing to be free of any attachments. Most importantly my heart feels wide open.  Thank you soooo much!  You are a blessing." 
Kristy, Entrepreneur 

Testimonials of Yoga Therapy Services 
"I had the good fortune of experiencing Lisa’s yoga therapy recently and wow…she creates a space that is nurturing personalized, and playful while taking you deeply into your own experience  Her essence is JOY…and her work offers openings to awakening your joy.  Her way of teaching is unlike anyone I have been with.  It is truly yoga as union with self, others, and the greater Oneness."   
Rebecca Johns Owner Professional Certified Coach, SQ21 Coach, Transformational Presence Leadership Coach, Rebecca Johns Coaching & Leadership in the Elements, Leadership in Sacred Spaces
"I have been doing yoga on and off for over 3 decades; however, I fell of my practice a few years ago.  Experiencing Lisa and her yoga therapy was a wondrous blessing.  Her loving, supportive and caring demeanor quieted the thoughts that I was not flexible enough to do an early morning class.  I incorporated her loving demeanor  toward myself and lo and behold I found myself more flexible than I have experienced in many years.  Lisa is truly blessed with a deep awareness of yoga principals and then this knowledge becomes a vehicle for her loving consciousness to bless her clients in a very holistic way.  I would recommend Lisa’s Yoga Therapy work to any one of any age and of any fitness level."
Suzanne Carter, M.A. L.P.C. Unity Minister, Licensed Professional Counselor, Equine Assisted Intelligence Coach, Grief Specialist